Baby skin

The active ingredient content of baby skin, which boasts tremendous support from repeat customers and staff as skin and whitening treatment, has been renewed by 2.2 times.

We have introduced baby skin as an application agent for iontophoresis, LDM polka dot lifting, Dermapen 4, etc., but the price has not changed and the baby skin used for all treatments has been upgraded!

Even if you already have a course, we will treat you with the renewed drug.

It is one of the drugs used for treatments such as iontophoresis and baby skin polka dot lifting, and is an ” umbilical cord blood stem cell culture supernatant (GD-11) “.

The umbilical cord is the umbilical cord that connects the baby to the mother, and the umbilical cord contains blood for the baby and contains various cells that are capable of forming the human body. Baby skin (umbilical cord blood stem cell culture supernatant) is a formulation of the growth factor released into the supernatant during the culture process by culturing the umbilical cord blood stem cells contained in the cord blood. When used with medical devices such as iontophoresis, this baby skin allows the active ingredient to penetrate deeper into the skin than with cosmetics or mask pack care* Baby skin does not contain cellular components such as cord blood and stem cells. We have realized the SBC original ingredient combination and provided it to customers who come for the purpose of improving skin quality and anti-aging of the skin.

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