Mustela Stretch Marks Oil 105ml


“The Stretch Marks Oil specifically formulated to help to limit the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy:

and postpartum by delivering hydration to the skin:

• Provides long-lasting hydration

• Improves skin elasticity

• Softens sensations of discomfort

Clinically tested by 60 pregnant women.” ‘By delivering hydration, the Stretch Marks Oil thanks to its unique formula:

• Improves skin’s elasticity on the abdomen: +18%(1a).

• Preserves skin’s elasticity during pregnancy: 76%(1b).

• Helps to resist against skin stretching during pregnancy: 86%(1b).


• Helps limit the appearance of stretch marks: 86%(1c).

Use test under dermatological control among 30 pregnant women and 30 post-partum women (1a. examiners, 1b. self-assessment 30 pregnant women and

1c. self-assessment 60 women).


Specifically formulated to help to limit the stretch marks appearance during pregnancy and postpartum, the Stretch Marks Oil provides long-lasting hydration to the skin, improves its elasticity and soothes sensations of tightness, thanks to its unique formula containing only 4 ingredients, all of natural origin:


• Avocado oil, patented ingredient of natural origin: this oil pure and rich in in essential fatty acids, with nourishing properties helps restore the skin’s natural barrier weakened during pregnancy.

• Concentrate of Maracuja oil, patented natural ingredient:

leaves the skin supple.

• Natural Sunflower oil: rich in essential fatty acids, moisturizes the skin.

• Vitamin E: is a natural antioxidant of the formula.

• Fragrance-free.


All ingredients:



Safe for mom and baby:

• Dermatologist tested.

• Made with ingredients that are formulated for pregnancy and nursing.


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