Phyto Phytocolor Care Mask 150ml


PHYTOCOLOR, the care range that protects color and revives the radiance of color-treated and highlighted hair. The PHYTOCOLOR mask, formulated with Tara tannins and Sunflower sprouts extract, protects color from external aggressors. Enriched with Karanja oil, it repairs the fragilized fiber and provides the right dose of care needed by color-treated and highlighted hair.


Ingredients: Tara tannins and Sunflower sprouts extract: This duo of active ingredients has been selected for its exceptional protective action. A powerful antioxydant, it limits the deterioration of pigments, prevents copper molecules present in some water from latching onto the fiber and thus protects color from fading and greening. Hibiscus extraction: Hibuscus has a very high organic acid content, its extract neutralizes the alkalinity of color treatments and gently smoothes the scales of the fiber to make hair shine. Its high mucilage content also gives its hydrating and emollient properties. Karanja oil: Rich in fatty acids, precious Karanja oil nourishes the fiber and strengthens its hydrolipidic film. With its high flavonoid content, it naturally absorbs a proportion of UV rays and strengthens the photo-protective action in the presence of a filter. *The list of ingredients may be subject to variations. We advise you to always check the list on the purchased product. INGREDIENTS (Cостав): HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA FLOWER EXTRACT. CETYL ALCOHOL. CETEARYL ALCOHOL. AQUA / WATER / EAU. BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE. PHENOXYETHANOL. PARFUM / FRAGRANCE. PONGAMIA GLABRA SEED OIL. ETHYL MACADAMIATE. CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE. HYDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE. CHLORPHENESIN. PROPYLENE GLYCOL. HYDROLYZED PEA PROTEIN. POLYQUATERNIUM-53. GLYCERIN. TETRASODIUM EDTA. CAESALPINIA SPINOSA FRUIT EXTRACT. CITRIC ACID. POTASSIUM SORBATE. HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SPROUT EXTRACT. SODIUM BENZOATE. TOCOPHEROL. MALIC ACID. LIMONENE. LINALOOL. HEXYL CINNAMAL. 1411A.


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