Phyto Phytoprogenium Ultra-Gentle Shampoo 250ml


Phytoprogenium Ultra-Gentle Shampoo is a frequent-use shampoo that promotes the scalp’s natural balance. Formulated with an intelligent prebiotics complex, this ultra-gentle shampoo cleanses the hair without drying it out, all the while restoring health and comfort to the scalp. Especially formulated for every day cleansing, this shampoo is also ideal to re-balance the scalp during bouts of discomfort or irritation. Mild cleansing agents ensure that, day after day, wash after wash, the hair preserves its natural softness and shine; all without added greasiness or oiliness.


Ingredients: A unique prebiotics complex promotes the presence of beneficial microorganisms in the scalp, all the while reducing the presence of harmful strains; Oat milk softens and tames the hair, all without adding extra weight or oiliness; Mallow extract hydrates the hair fiber, improving the softness of the hair as a result.


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