Shampoos for damaged hair

Naturally, it is important that the shampoo does not contain all of the listed harmful substances, as well as harsh surfactants, sulfates, and more. Therefore, give preference to natural shampoos, which contain useful herbal ingredients. 

Choose mild shampoos with a natural detergent base. For example, Jurassic Spa natural shampoo for dry and damaged hair, in which soap root extracts and soap nuts are responsible for foaming and washing properties. Yes, this shampoo lathers worse, but it washes the hair well and at the same time heals the hair.

If you have damaged hair, natural extracts of sea buckthorn, burdock, birch, jasmine oil, jojoba, lavender, almond, and others will be used to treat those.

Hair restoration balms

I would like to say a few words about these funds. Avoid conditioners that contain silicones such as Dimethicone, Cetearyl methicone, and the like. 

In general, when choosing a shampoo for your hair, also give preference to balms that make up a pair of it. Thus, they will act in a comprehensive manner on damaged hair. But from funds of different brands, it is not always possible to get such an effective union.

Masks for dry and damaged hair

Masks for very dry and damaged hair help restore hair even in the most severe condition. Natural masks consist of specially selected components and, unlike conventional masks for colored damaged hair, they do not contain harmful components that give only a temporary effect, and then further spoil the hair structure.

They should be applied 1-2 times a week in courses with a break. You can also use home remedies for hair masks if you are confident in the results. But, in order not to bring even more trouble on your already suffering hairs, we advise you to turn to proven natural remedies. And we will help you choose a mask for damaged hair that is right for you.

Oils for dry and damaged hair

Hair oils are a real boon for any beauty. They not only help restore and protect hair from damage but also give it a seductive scent of fresh fruits, flowers or berries. Who can resist such a thing?

It is enough to apply these products 1-2 times a week for 30-60 minutes or leave overnight for an even deeper effect.

Essential oils for dry and damaged hair, for example, sea buckthorn oil, are a pleasant excuse to find time for self-massage, which will have a beneficial effect not only on the condition of your hair but also help to relax and relieve fatigue accumulated during the day.

A special gift for our hair is Parachute coconut oil. Needless to say about the benefits of coconut oil? It gently restores damaged hair, protects it, nourishes it with useful elements, and moisturizes it.

By the way, this tool can be used not only for hair but also for the whole body.

Concentrated products for damaged hair

There are also situations when all that remains is to cut off the damaged hair. But do not rush to pick up scissors! For such cases, cosmetologists have developed concentrated serums and hair restoration complexes. When hair needs not to be restored, but to be treated, it will come to the rescue.

But remember, these funds cannot be used all the time, but only when the hair needs really serious support.

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